Decision Optimizer

A Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool Designed To Help You Optimize Your Business Decisions!

Dextro's Decision Optimizer is a humanoid-like technology platform with human intelligence and adaptability. It will help you to make targeted, results-driven decisions that are custom-tailored to all areas of your business.

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  • Custom-tailored, user-friendly, and simplified interface that allows you to see the impact of varying decisions.
  • A decision optimizer that will automatically find and leverage most useful parameters to address your specific business goals.
  • Explore new alternatives and run scenarios until you find the right decision.
  • Effortlessly integrate and implement our Decision Optimizer into your organization-without massive IT efforts.
  • Integrate traditional business data with artificial intelligence to reach innovative new decisions-even to inspire new products and services.
  • KISS – Keep It Stupid, Simple and WYSIWYG interface.
  • Reduce risk, simulate, and evaluate "What If" scenarios.

Signal Finder

Discovering The Signals Within The Noise At Scale

Want to drive your business forward with analytics, but are struggling to find the signals? Between tiny data, big data, and IoT this process can be overwhelming-but we have the perfect "Signal Finder".
Applications Include: Scoring, risk, fraud, experiments, loyalty, retention, attrition, mix marketing, market research, campaign effectiveness, exploration, cyber security, operational risk, supply chain, and optimization.

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  • Signal Finder helps to navigate the complexities of your data, and shows youexactly where you should focus your precious time and resources-in order to extract the most value.
  • Find and translate data signals and patterns from a wide range of data – web, IoT, Big data, video, image, text etc.
  • Leverage signals to formulate a hypothesis.
  • Cut-down model building efforts by 80%.
  • Completely customizable to your individual needs, and for all areas of business.
  • Easy integration with current software and IT– just plug and play!
  • Explore multiple scenarios and variables before you implement your innovative plan of action.
  • Dynamic visualization of impact and performance.

SMART Recommender

Predict “What's Next” Through Learning And Detecting Consumer Behavior Generated From Millions Of Online And Offline Data Points.

SMART Recommender leverages behavior science and machine learning to learn from a wide variety of data from-the web, psychographics, human behavior, demographic, etc.-empowering you to makes intelligent recommendations..

Whether you are an e-commerce platform who wants to make intelligent product recommendation to online visitors, or help your sales team offer the right product, service, article, or recommendation at the right time-SMART Recommender provides the most accurate and intelligent recommendations to drive rapid sales and engagement..

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  • Significantly boost sales, without investing in additional marketing.
  • Learn from complex data patterns and behaviors.
  • Easy to implement and scale, for all software and IT.
  • Customized to both your industry, and your individual needs.
  • Proven to extend the customer lifecycle.
  • Empowers you to generate meaningful data from less traditional data points: image, tags, text, audio, video and many other formats.