At Dextro Analytics, Traditional Business Models And Insights Are
An Elementary Baseline. We Raise The Bar, And Take Your
Business To Thrilling New Heights With Our Unique Method Of
Adaptive, Integrated, And Innovative analytics and approaches - Innovation Sourced From The
Heart, Mind and Soul

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in business. Our handcrafted solutions are custom tailored

to solve your individual pain points-and to source areas of opportunity you have yet to explore.

Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Optimization Engine
  • Digital and Social Media ROI Analysis
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Product Optimization
  • Interactive Synergy Analysis
  • Multi-touch Attribution Models

Customer Analytics

  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Churn Modeling
  • Purchase Trigger Analysis
  • Cross Sell/Up Sell Strategy Analysis

Sales Anlaytics

  • Sales force Optimization
  • Account Prioritization Analysis
  • Incentive Management Analysis
  • Lead Conversion Driver Analysis
  • Sales Pipeline Journey Analysis

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Dynamic Decision Support System
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Order Fulfillment Analysis
  • Route Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization