Heart - Process

Advanced analytics on tiny or big data can help drive organization forward but it requires an agile, innovative, and expertise to visualize, diagnose, predict, simulate, and optimize business scenarios.

It requires a custom thoughtful process that can generate enterprise level ROI on analytics efforts. Through multiple engagements, we have formulated a unique pathway from business problem to deriving unique solution.


Mind - People: Alchemist

Mind is Our People

We asked ourselves what differentiates between

  • Good vs. great problem solvers
  • Low vs. high ROI from analytics
  • Mediocre solution vs. innovative solution
  • Insights that drive small vs. big impact

There were many generic answers….

  • Being data driven or gut-driven or both?
  • Unicorn data scientists (if they exist)?
  • Left or right brain thinkers?
  • Graduates from top institutes?
  • Technology, software, algorithms?

We dug into the answers and realized it is:

  • Lateral thinkers – not left or right brain thinkers
  • Those who can see through complexity
  • Those who are not solely dependent on software, algorithm, or technique but use those as toolkit to solve problems and find opportunities
  • Those who can see the rationality and irrationality of data, consumer, and events
  • Those who can mine golden nuggets differently


We Call Them Decision Engineers

These decision engineers recognize that best decisions are not just based on data but many other intangibles. We hire and rigorously nurture them to execute the decision engineering process:


Soul - Approach

Our Formative DNA Of The Company – The Soul

While we could claim we are experts by mentioning such terms as machine learning, neural networks, markov chain, decision trees, bayesian methods, heuristic learning, and association rules, we strongly believe that just having expertise in tools and techniques is simply not enough to solve today's business problems. Indeed, we are proud to say that we are not experts. Being “expert” often actually precludes asking questions and embracing a constantly changing marketplace, evolving with customer needs and adapting to newer technology.

We are a curious bunch of people who want to help you in decision analysis, particularly in the following areas:

  • Providing the intelligence you truly deserve-we are really frustrated by seeing how clients are underserved
  • Utilizing more from less-you don't necessarily need to reinvent the wheel each time; you already have sufficient information on hand; you just need to realize this and learn from it
  • Finding simplicity through complexity-the problem is not finding answers but having too many answers from which to choose
  • Making decisions faster-the winner is not the perfectionist but the one who is first to succeed
  • Embracing technology in decision-making-helping you embrace technology and novel algorithms for deciding what to do
  • Providing a holistic view-assessing many dimensions before solving the problem; measuring what really matters
  • Most importantly, partnering with you as a “trusted colleague next door”
  • We promise we will not try to sell you just to get business. We are courageous enough to say “no” to questions we cannot answer. We are small, but we are big in that we have the expertise, algorithms, technology platform, and domain know-how to help you make successful knowledge-driven decisions.

  • We are nimble, curious, hungry, courageous, and sufficiently crazy enough to do everything we can to help solve your problems.