When Optimized For Success, Your Social Media Channels Can Positively Influence Your Customers-And Become A Primary Tool For Rebranding And Online Reputation Management!

One of the largest energy companies in the nation was experiencing rapid growth, and expanding their oil exploration sites. While profits were up, the company was struggling to maintain a favorable brand identity-and was viewed by many as environmentally irresponsible.



Leverage real-time social media insights to positively transform their brand identity. Use our custom-tailored Cloud-based platform to gather intelligent and targeted social media data related to brand perception.


Energy company realized the weight and value of their messaging, and the key elements that define their online perception.


Client has long been perceived as environmentally irresponsible, even by their long-term customers. While they remain an industry leader, in recent years they have seen a yo-yo in sales surrounding negative press. The client wanted to take the steps required to redefine the negative aspects of their brand perception, and show their commitment to social causes. They turned to Dextro Analytics to gather the in-depth customer insights required to launch a branding campaign that would reposition themselves as an environmentally responsible company.

In spite of running multiple social media campaigns over a period of 6 months, with the intention of improving brand perception-there was currently no framework for analysing their efforts. They were essentially out of touch with their consumer base, and weren't sure of the positive actions steps required to connect, engage, or add value to customers-beyond providing the energy solutions they required. They were active on many social media channels, but did not yet understand how to leverage the real-time area of opportunity that social media offers.


Dextro Analytics' in-house social media monitoring platform began monitoring customer reactions, to gather consumer insights they required for social campaigns on media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our decision engineers identified:

1. Not just overall positive vs. negative sentiments but also provided contextual insights
2. The impact of the brand campaigns on brand perception.
3. Messaging nuggets that would help to make the brand more relatable, and highlight their environment consciousness.


Thanks to our real-time analytics, reports, and instant alerts-our client made intelligent, strategic, and swift decisions regarding their social media messaging. Within just 6 weeks, brand perception began to move in a measurable, and positive direction.

“Dextro Analytics social media intelligence helped our brand not only in terms of monitoring brand perception-but also by providing pointers to regain confidence among stakeholders.”

- Head of Digital Marketing


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