Optimizing Your Retail Inventory Isn't Just About Stocking Your Stores, But About Stocking The Items That Sell!

Serving retailers chains both large and small! Dextro Analyticsis proud to serve one of the fastest growing youth clothing retailers in North America. With over 150 stores, and over $650 million in annual revenue-we provide an inventory analytics tool that prioritizes both nationwide, and location-specific fashion trends.



Optimize forecasting both globally and nationwide, by stocking the items your target audience really wants-our average retailer experiences rapid double-digit sales.


Make smart buying decisions by stocking items that will sell, and fewer of those that waste your valuable shelf space.


Order the right SKUs at the right time, and minimize lost sales by out-of-stock-in-demand items.


Even with pars and buying guidelines, the average retailer simply can't scale their business in times of rapid change and growth. Traditional inventory tools are helpful, but they can't truly optimize your inventory-or scale your inventory for seasonal trends, and location-specific demand. We are the next generation of inventory optimization, and we ensure rapid results. Client shared that "No matter how good our marketing is to lure the customer, if products are not in stock, we will never see the sales."


Dextro Analytics finds that the average retailer leaves money on the table, sometimes million in lost sales opportunities. Our innovative inventory analytics optimize your buying process-by providing you with a detailed insights-gap document (IGD) and analytics roadmap. We partner with you to take retail inventory optimization to the next level.

Store manager and store buyers use our advanced analytics to mine the following nuggets-and make sales driven purchasing decisions:

1. What is the optimal level of inventory, both globally and individually?

2. What internal and external data and events will affect demand?

3. What are the store-level inventory optimizations by customer segments?

4. What is the true cost of inventory including warehousing, shrinkage, returns, and potential for obsolescence?

5. What is the optimal forecast at the SKU level for stocking, replacement while effectively optimizing cash?


Forecast for success, and optimize your inventory! Our retail chains experience rapid results, and double-digit comp sales. The average increase is:
1.Increased sales by 18.2% while increasing profitability by 8.9%
2.Out-of-stocks went from 29% to 5%
3.Basic product sales went from 7% to 21% of revenue

“The accuracy of Dextro's model helped us see double-digit comp sales. This was the best investment we made.”

- Head of Sourcing and Supply Chain


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