Where Are Your Customers At In Their Journey? Optimized Purchasing Funnels By Accurately Mapping The Customer Journey For A Leading Winery Company!

The marketing and insights team of the client quickly realized that digital has profound impact on what consumers buy and do. However, they were limited, not in data, but in how to translate their data into meaningful and effective digital marketing and consumer touchpoints.



Transcribed offline and online digital customer mapping along with various drivers of purchase decisions. Insights helped winery to craft hyper-targeted, and personalized marketing campaigns and messaging.


Understanding the journey enabled winery to accurately identify the online and offline cost per acquisition-so that they could effectively allocated the right resources in the right places.


The client complied in-depth consumer profiles, generated from feedback and surveys, such as: preference, purchase patterns, feedback, and in-depth insights. While they used their data to classify consumers into varying purchase funnels, they had yet to map out the customer journey clearly. The client wanted to gain a deeper understating of the impact of their online and offline campaigns, particularly in regards to: awareness, volume and frequency, consumption, product satisfaction, loyalty, and influence.
The client tasked us with 3 specific questions:
• What influences and drives movement of customers across the purchase funnel, both offline and online?
• What are the thresholds of migration across each purchase funnel?
• What is the hierarchy of touchpoints and purchase decision?


Dextro's analytics team was excited to work on this new challenge, and to deliver meaningful analytic tools-by way of an innovative and adaptive in-house modeling tool. The analytics team, developed a custom-tailored deep learning algorithm, successfully integrating cascading networks of models-and effectively pinpoint key influencers for varying consumer purchasing funnels:

Our decision and data engineers accurately mapped the customer journey, from a combination of sales data, survey data, influencing attributes, and response rates. The funnels were then analyzed, and the new data detailed clear purchasing patterns.


Client now has a crystal clear understanding of what drives customers across their varying online and offline purchasing channels. This has enabled them to devise timely and targeted marketing campaigns and messages, resulting in a rapid increase in movement across purchase channels-3x faster than before.

“Throughout the project they worked very closely with the business teams, addressing and resolving all issues in a timely and efficient manner. Extremely professional effort, appreciated by the business and the senior management team.”

- Director of Insights


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