Are You At Risk? Expedited Data With Our Real-Time Next-Generation BI Dashboard. Helped Identify Risk Exposure Of $8 Million!

An insurance provider was struggling to leverage data for their dated legacy systems. It was taking weeks to complete core functions like processing claims, and identifying risk factors, liability, utilization, and leakage.



Identified what to report, how frequently, and why.


Dextro's custom algorithm successfully automated ETL, resulting in significant savings in both labor and general day-to-day operations.


Revamped the existing BI efforts and introduced our next-generation real-time decision-making tool.


Identified biased data transformation procedures which resulted in accurate and integrated reporting of erroneous data.


Insurance is an information-rich business. The insurer had data from multiple business channels; including claim, enrollment, liability, etc. However, there were both data and intelligence challenges:
• Unable to make sense of weekly data dumps from data warehouse.
• Dated legacy systems made it difficult to extract and transform the data into meaningful analytics and tools.
• Disjointed data restricted singular view of the business health, resulting in false data reporting.
• Team of 19 analysts spending massive hours every week producing reports on claims, premiums, market data, and other risk factors-that their technology should have been integrating and calculating in real-time.


Through solution framing, we identified the real-time, and ongoing long-term reporting needs. Client was assigned a dedicated team of decisions and data engineers-experts in ETL, data integration, and business.

Team uncovered significant process gaps, from data storage, processing, and reporting. They devised a custom-tailored solution by:

      • Creating a blueprint of next-generation reporting.
        • Identifying and integrating relevant metrics to track data across claims, competition, and market.
        • Introduced real-time query system to mine the answers, not just data.

      Their custom-tailored solution was augmented with Dextro's BI experts, to leverage knowledge-and effectively visualize reporting and insight generation process.


      1. Minimize friction between decision makers and data owners.
      2. Identified accurate, integrated, and relevant operational, managerial, and executive metrics.
      3. Reduced the data-to-intelligence journey by 80%, allowing our client to rapidly identify risk exposure.

      “Dextro Analytics transformed our business intelligence process. They helped us to make effective decisions, in real-time. Truly a transformational journey.”

      - Chief Information Officer

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