Predict “What’s Next” Through Learning And Detecting Consumer Behavior Generated From Millions Of Online And Offline Data Points.

SMART Recommender leverages behavior science and machine learning to learn from a wide variety of data from—the web, psychographics, human behavior, demographic, etc.—empowering you to makes intelligent recommendations.

Whether you are an e-commerce platform who wants to make intelligent product recommendation to online visitors, or help your sales team offer the rightproduct, service, article, or recommendation at the right time—SMART Recommender provides the most accurate and intelligence recommendations to drive rapid sales and engagement.

SMART Recommendation is perfect for, but not limited to:

1. Online SKU recommendation
2. News/articles
3. Products and services
4. Bundle of products and services
5. Customer engagement
6. Music/videos/movies

SMART Recommender is the result of exhaustive research and innovation. It applies multiple machine learning algorithms of both structured and unstructured data, and blends it with effective AI. SMART Recommender outperforms the traditional models by at least 2x. Benefits include:


  • Significantly boost sales, without investing in additional marketing.
  • Learn from complex data patterns and behaviors.
  • Easy to implement and scale, for all software and IT.
  • Customized to both your industry, and your individual needs.
  • Proven to extend the customer lifecycle.
  • Empowers you to generate meaningful data from less traditional data points: image, tags, text, audio, video and many other formats.

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