Signal Finder is revolutionary tool that organizes and visualizes any and all tiny, big, and IoT data. Leverage machine learning to discover hidden patterns and signals to provide you with powerful decision-making tools. Think of it as a Google Maps of the analytics world!

Whether leveraged to build predictive models, or an optimization model—Signal Finder will help you to build efficient, intelligent, and adaptive models—that cut-down modeling iterations by as much as 80%.

Applications Include:

Scoring, risk, fraud, experiments, loyalty, retention, attrition, mix marketing, market research, campaign effectiveness, exploration, cyber security, operational risk, supply chain, and optimization.


  • Signal Finder helps to the navigate the complexities of your data, and shows youexactly where you should focus your precious time and resources—in order to extract the most value.
  • Find and translate data signals and patterns from a wide range of data – web, IoT, Big data, video, image, text etc.
  • Leverage signals to formulate a hypothesis.
  • Cut-down model building efforts by 80%.
  • Completely customizable to your individual needs, and for all areas of business.
  • Easy integration with current software and IT– just plug and play!
  • Explore multiple scenarios and variables before you implement your innovative plan of action.
  • Dynamic visualization of impact and performance.

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