Is Customer Loyalty Dead? How Can You Leverage Behavioral Science To Accurately Predict Consumer Trends—Transactions, Purchasing Decisions, Usage, Consumer Switching, And More!

Loyalty is dead! Even your satisfied customers may switch to a more competitively priced seller, or even a more convenient online retailer. Loyalty programs have lost their mojo, which is why you need to develop a more sustainable business model. You need to determine why consumers do that they do, when they do—and how you can leverage that data for success.

  1. Learn:
    Why traditional loyalty programs and incentives sometimes do more harm than good?
  2. What is behavioral science and how can it be leveraged to decode why consumers do what they do?
  3. How to blend cognitive pointers with machine learning using Artificial intelligence?
  4. How to decode drivers of purchase, usage, and switching using cognitive science?

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