A Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool Designed To Help You Optimize Your Business Decisions!

Dextro’s Decision Optimizer is a humanoid-like technology platform with human intelligence and adaptability. It will help you to make targeted, results-driven decisions that are custom-tailored to all areas of your business.


We live in a constantly-connected, complex, and ever-changing world. This means that you need intelligent, flexible, and adaptive decision-making tools. Our decision optimizer simplifies the decision-making process, by leveraging human + data to create innovative new business solutions.

With Dextro Analytics’ decision optimizer, you can simply ask questions like:

1. What is driving my sales and how can it be improved upon?
2. What is my larger priority, customer acquisition or retention?
3. Give my current resources, what decisions will maximize my ROI?
4. How do I achieve sustainability in an increasingly uncertain marketplace?
5. Is it possible to spend less, and make more?


  • Custom-tailored, user-friendly, and simplified interface that allows you to see the impact of varying decisions.
  • A decision optimizer that will automatically find and leverage most useful parameters to address your specific business goals.
  • Explore new alternatives and run scenarios until you find the right decision.
  • Effortlessly integrate and implement our Decision Optimizer into your organization—without massive IT efforts.
  • Integrate traditional business data with artificial intelligence to reach innovative new decisions—even to inspire new products and services.
  • KISS – Keep Is Stupid Simple and WYSIWYG interface.
  • Reduce risk, simulate, and evaluate "What If" scenarios.

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