Meet the speaker:

Ajith Govind, AI Engineer and Co-Founder

30-Minute Live Interactive Event


How to drive marketing ROI by 17.5%

with AI based Holistic Commercial & Promotion Effectiveness Analysis – Part I

How to go beyond typical “what-if” simulator and implement operational tool that equips marketer, sales force, and CFO to spend their efforts in the right direction?

Do you want to learn how a leading pharmaceutical company leveraged artificial intelligence and human learning to maximize marketing effectiveness?

I'm ready to blow your mind, but for that I need you to sign-up and save your spot to our upcoming webinar. See you there!

In this two-part series webinar, we will cover advances in modeling marketing data and how to address common data problems. 

Big data, multi-channel, and multi-device marketing have a significant impact on the promotional and marketing strategies across the life-cycle of the product. With billions of dollars at stake, answering which investment is driving the profits has become more complex than ever. Put payer, patient, and traditional channels like sales force, CME, co-pays, samples, etc. in the mix and quantifying what truly drives the NBRx, RRx, and Trx becomes even more challenging.

Here's what you can expect to learn during this live webinar session:

How artificial intelligence identified unseen synergies across channels and uncovered hidden opportunities to optimize marketing investment?

How the brand manager leveraged human learning framework to to decode, integrate, and simulate the impact of external uncontrollable events and competitive factors on physician prescribing and brands portfolio?

How the causal modeling helped the marketer to reduce marketing expenditures across digital and offline channels while increasing the revenue?

Date: May 23, 2017

Time: 10 AM PST | 1 PM EST

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